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Volunteers, Employers, and Interns Needed

We are all aware of the challenges awaiting our youth within low-income and/or under served communities. SLTH is an organization created to tackle the problems head-on. With the help of sponsors, community members, service agencies, and people such as yourself; qualifying youth will be offered mentorship, housing, life skills coaching, on-the-road drivers education, and a host of social services. Please give today!


Group Facilitators

should be experienced in facilitating groups of youth and young adults. We hope to find volunteers that want to teach a lesson in the following topics:

Life Skills

Money Management

Nutrition/Health and fitness



Credit Repair


Home Ownership

Financial Aid/ Post-secondary education


Should be willing to build a partnership with SLTH with the plan to hire SLTH participants that meet the qualifications of  positions in which they would like to fill. We ask that you keep us in mind when you have open positions and give us the opportunity to refer possible candidates for employment.

General Volunteers

Are welcome to assist with fundraising events, community events,youth activities, and/or special projects.


Should be pursuing an associates or bachelor's degree in social services, finance, technology, community leadership, or a related field.

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